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ReBrand, ReDesign, ReThink

Pratt Institute School of Undergraduate Architecture

The course is built around the concept of branding. Beginning with the rebranding of a contemporary technology company students rapidly develop a graphic branding strategy, built around a single new concept for each company, a word or idea, and develop a campaign for this concept through the selection of fonts, color, layout and a logo redesign. These elements become the template for the presentation of the second project where the course shifts to an intense focus on in depth 3d modeling. Recreating an existing product from each company unlocking the relationships between material, geometry, function, and assembly by modeling to scale with a high degree of precision, each student will redesign the product. As teams, students then propose a hybrid product based on this analysis. They then create a marketing campaign for this product using the elements of the first project. This new product becomes the center point of project 03, an exhibition & kiosk for its sale and marketing. Using advanced modeling techniques, parametric and progressive modeling, students will aggressively take over a space and redefine it, through composite workflows using multiple modeling plugins, evolving and growing qualities and techniques from the industrial scale to an architectural intervention and furthering both modeling and brand development. Using physics based renderings students will create photorealistic representation of their concepts, folding them into the holistic branding package. The final will be a comprehensive branding strategy from graphics to product to space.


The works shown above are by the following students::Sebastian Medina, Jason Compere, Ashley Hickman, Emiliano Zurita, Tareck Shaheen, Gamal Osman, Ana Tan, Colin Cawthorne, Sara Amiri, Thomas Fornasari, Shannon Strickland, Samantha Calabrese, Dheeraj Bajaj, Fernanda Arnez Orellana, Peter Kim, Jillian Cummings, Ksenia Kulichik, Ryan Esparsa, Ngiam Chaoyuan, Saatchi Kishnani, Mehmet Doganata, Tom Xia, Diana Juarez, Guilad Katz


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