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Applied Computation

Updated: Jan 5

A full stack crash course on computational design applicable to professional practice.

Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture


Applied Computation is a course which introduces students to the real world application of simulation and optimization within the design process for the testing and validation of design assumptions. Through a semester-long project students will be exposed to both a strong foundation in the diverse ecosystem of plugins developed by architects and engineers for Grasshopper 3d and a comprehensive set of lectures focusing on their applications in built projects.

In a contemporary practice the window of time for design development is a diminishing quantity, while the expectation for certainty in the value of design decisions is an exponentially increasing portion of design deliverables, where projects now deliver as much data as design. Yet in an era where the limited material capacity of the planet is ever more clear, architects must evolve their process to study, through digital means, the physical constants of gravity and structure, material and form, light and energy, that drive the establishment of architecture in the physical world.


Student Works by

Guibin Zheng, Samuel Joslyn


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