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Pratt Institute School of Design


Parametrics is an advanced level design course that teaches students the fundamentals of parametric design principles and procedural thinking in Interior, Product, and Architectural Design. This comes with an emphasis on thinking of design not as a line to a single solution, but a multidimensional space of potential solutions. This is achieved over the span of the course through the development of flexible computational design solutions built on rule-based systems enabling conceptual explorations with fabrication level validation. The course’s workshop structure and supporting readings focus on two projects which step into real-world constraints. Through the development of 3 projects which begin with a graphic pattern, expand to a parametric wall, and wrap a simulated shell students will explore parametric design and create a virtual exhibition to share the experience of their work.


Student: Zhenyu Zeng
Student: Zhenyu Zeng
Student: Yerebakan Nil
Student: Yiming Zhang
Student: Claudia Oertli


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