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Gothic Morphology

Unlocking Geometry, Understanding Structure, Exploiting Modeling

Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture


Gothic Morphology is about unlocking geometry , understanding formal structure, and exploiting modeling techniques to push classic methods into unknown territory. Starting with drawing the underlying organizational diagram and defining euclidean geometry of a Gothic column’s cross section, students were challenged to grow the profiles exploring, basic transformations of rotation, movement, scaling and understand balancing asymmetry. The result is a taxonomy states of transformation from similarly structured geometry, which gives a rich base of profiles. From these, students were introduced to the modeling techniques of lofting and sweeping as a means of exploring the formal potential of the profiles when reassembled into a larger body. The resulting primitive forms, where then spliced and reorganized into complex assemblies which defined space with a rich formal vocabulary. With this understanding of formal relationship now ingrained, students were challenged to create a new form from scratch at a scale that could be occupied by the human being.


The works shown above are by the following students:Xavier Izquierdo, Will Adames, Shaked Uzrad, Tom Quang, Andrew Barkett


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