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Extreme Ecologies

Design Course lead by Simone Giostra

Pratt Institute Undergraduate School of Architecture


As a digital consultant for Extreme Ecologies, description below, the focus was on enabling the students to translate data sets either from text files of image files into sample sets which would inform their digital models. This data was then translated and expressed initially through the implementation of common algorithms for surface and form production then later drove their programmatic responses.

Course Description by Simone Giostra

While human survival depends on the continued supply of services obtained from ecosystems, human actions during the last 50 years have altered ecosystems to an extent and degree unprecedented in human history.Buildings account for over a third of the total energy consumption in the United States. As new construction projects increase exponentially in emerging global economies, architects struggle in finding new design strategies for the implementation of sustainable material and energy technology.The studio tests the boundaries of buildings performance in extreme environmental conditions, where energy consumption, sustainable resource management and access to essential resources like fresh air, clean water and natural daylight, are vital to human survival.


Hillary Flannery, Hiram Rodriguez, Avery Carring, Michelle Frantellizzi


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