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Crafted Math


Table_se blends mathematics and computational methods with the practice of a material craft. The concept for the table arose when studying the transformation of the parametric form of the superellipse. The form of the superellipse can move between a pure elliptic curve to a tangential pinched cross. By using a conic curve to control the rate of three-dimensional plotting of the equation the resultant surface forms a broad flat surface then rapidly but smoothly peals down to a vertical condition. This behavior, analogous to functional requirements of a table additionally suggested an unexpected condition of tangent curvature at the axial division of the elliptical quadrants. The quadrants then not only to function collectively to form a complete elliptical table, but detach and serve as independent desktop surfaces. Table_se’s (table_super-ellipse) material realization of its underlying equation looked to the industry typology of woven metal rod as a fabrication process. This process, though time intensive, allows for the integration of cnc technology to pre kink the metal with hand assembly, minimization waste product relative to a cast of stamped approach. The ability of the woven wire to follow the path of the original parametric plot maintains the mathematics beneath the form in the final materialization of the working furniture concept.


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