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A Moment of Motion


Light: a particular light or illumination in which an object seen takes on a certain appearance Wave: a progressive disturbance propagated from point to point in a medium or space without progress or advance by the points themselves, as in the transmission of sound or light. Sin(||)Cos, a light derived from capturing abstract mathematics in a material form to produce effects using physical properties. Deriving a structural lattice from the deployment of radial plotting of sin() and cos() as parametric drivers of scalar and rotational coordinate systems about a volume, a mathematical concept creates a seamless weave. Capturing a volume of light within the illumination casts outwards through the pattern fluid moray of shadow upon its context. The pattern itself evokes a formal relationship to natural floral precedents, producing resonance spirals through composition. The ABS material sits upon laser cintered chrome casters illuminated by a diffused LED light tube, seemingly floating above pools of mercury. The sin(||)cos light is solidification of the abstract mathematics which produce light itself.


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