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Reclaimed Material Seating


Designed around the concept of reclaiming waste material and composing it into a functional objects, ReVal is a self contained method of production which provides a passive platform for design. By introducing an automated method of breaking down a functional surface into non uniform pieces within a certain scale, fabrication material can be much more efficiently used. Based on milling as a method of fabrication, the form can extremely flexible, yet the output pieces being cubically based chunks are still fabricatable. Built from a single grasshopper function, it takes a surface the through analysis of rates for curvature and position relative to gravity evaluates this surface returning scaled “chunks” of the surface. Several options/ iterations are presented allowing the designer to consider aesthetic, function, and form in selecting and editing a final piece. The system then automatically produces a block/ pin joinery method, producing a broken down model of masses ready to mill. ReVal proposes that contemporary methodologies of design and fabrication, parametric / milling, can be conceptually implemented to produce value from that deemed waste as an approach both conscious of economy and environment in making.


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