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A Biological Park & Ecology Lab


Populous is an urban park, educational complex, and aquatic nature reservoir for indigenous life forms on the Hudson River along the west side of Manhattan. Grappling on the resident typology of the pier as a collection of pylons, Populous creates an aggregated of programmatically diverse units within a single morphological typology. Using a structural/ skinning expression to actualize programmatic function and volumetric parameters as typological controls a single system takes of a diverse array of functions in a single population. Small low profile area’s become a diverse urban park growing from planter to park bench to boat launch before rapidly expanding to highly functional enclosures. Conic formations act as rainwater collectors feeding through filtration centers into bubble shape biological research labs. Pylons plunge into the water creating points of collection and isolation for local plant and wildlife reserves. The system evaluates itself post mapping by measuring the diameter to specify program potential, according to each diameter relative to functional range/ density to determine the typological stage. With typology established an independent mapping is read against each position to establish diversity and intensity of program relative to planned intent. Populous is a system of rules who’s complex self-actualization when combined create a diverse and rich texture of function.

Typologies > 1a:plates, 1b:pores, 2a:pools, 2b:benches, 3a:eddies, 3b:launches, 4a:columns, 4b:canopies, 4c: huts, 5a: amalgamations Program> 1 : urban park, 2: biology lab, 3: aquatic nature preserve, 4: educational complex, 5: ferry port, 6: boat launch Materials> 1 : prefabricated faceted aluminum, 2: prefab/ site cast concrete, 3: on site thermal formed glass, 4: earth/ grass/ water, 5: wooden lathe, 6: composite wooden beams


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