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Mountains Of Handan

Developed at Woods Bagot


Image courtesy of Woods Bagot

Mountains of Handan is a proposal for a mixed-use development Handan China developed in 2012 at Woods Bagot. The dense site program demanded a unique approach to achieve the desired natural daylight and open views for the occupants. As a lead designer, I undertook a rigorous modeling process with the approach of creating a continuous building formed with strategic alignment to open view corridors and subtle shaping for forms to limit daylight exposure while allowing natural light. Broadening the residential buildings and placing them along the perimeter opened space in the interior of the development for green roof and public amenities for the residential tenants and hotel guests. Learn more at Woods Bagot and

Global Design Leader for the Project, Edmund Klimick’s Project Page.

Image courtesy of Woods Bagot

Image courtesy of Woods Bagot

Image courtesy of Woods Bagot


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