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Our next-generation AEC data studio is a lightweight digital twin connecting project stakeholders, software platforms, and data sources. Ellipse encourages vertical integration, with industry-tailored pages connected to a common database that evolves through the project’s lifespan. Bring together models, drawings, BIM data, and documents in a cross-connected platform and explore, share, and comment with Ellipse.

Who can Ellipse help?

  • Architects and Engineers Ellipse’s combination of 3D and 2D data-visualization and editing capabilities enables project review and collaboration tools that speed up processes – from concept to construction documentation.

  • Contractors and Fabricators You’ll get immediate access to the necessary data at all design stages to front-load fabrication, improve efficiency, and expedite construction schedules.

  • Owners Ellipse’s 3D real-time design, fabrication, and construction visualizations empower you to make informed decisions and aid in the oversight of your project team.

  • Facility Managers A digital twin in Ellipse’s building information platform enables system management and operations efficiencies by providing up-to-the-minute information on what’s happening with each project.

  • Application Developers Use Ellipse’s dashboard editor and API to build front ends on AEC specialty tools for your firm.


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