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Canopy Wall

Developed for Roy Studio


Developed for Roy Studio, the charge was to develop a signature paneling system for a flagship store in NYC. The concept began with an interest in capturing the depth and richness of the tree canopy visual experience from beneath in a relatively planar panel system. The goal is to capture the contrast of light, dark, and the subtle gradations between with non-repeatable variation in a simple to assemble screen system.

Beginning with inspiration from the material performance of expanded paper, specifically its ability to produce subtle gradation in its expansion from open to closed. The material achieves this effect by alternating the fold directions in the perforation. Additionally, it is achieved through a series of linear cuts and relatively planar elements, connected by a deforming lattice. From this, the technique, a modular approach to the assembly was developed and deployed in a conceptual scenario to test its range. The above representation is not of the final application, but of the initial conceptual performance tests.


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