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Developed for Sachiko Kodama


Early Concept Image

Blooming Space is a modular installation by the artist Sachiko Kodama which proposes a wall scape that pulls the fabric of the wall surface up into spiral clefts, backlit by a soft wash of let light creating an ever-changing play of color. The tiles use as diamond topology with a cos was an expression to mask the grid and align the geometry of the surfaces to diffuse the led light from an adjacent tile across the face, softly mixing the colors and diffusing the effect across the entire scape. The relief of the tiles, which pull up from the diagonally opposite faces of the create a geometric and visual continuity which masks the individual cells and lets the eye float across the texture of the entire wall scape. The soft minimal for the of the relief is designed to further this ambient reading, treating the form as a soft canvas for light, rather than a sculptural object. The spiral reliefs touch in the center of the tile to maximize light direction and create a relief between tiles which adds a diagonal band of shadow which helps to mask the seams and creates a secondary texture when the geometry is only lit from the exterior. Each cleft of the tile creates an overhang hidden from the viewer into which the pore which acts as a socket for the led light that illuminates the wall. The material of the 3d print prototype reflects the final ceramic materials effect in that the LED light source not only washes the surface but glows from within.


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