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Aixi Rythm

Developed at Woods Bagot


Image courtesy of Woods Bagot

Aixi is a proposal for a mixed-use development east of Nanchang China developed in 2012 at Woods Bagot. The project, situated next to a lake, is designed to be sedate and rich in the play of light, landscape, and material. The articulation of the residences facade, balconies, stone, and glazing brings creates a depth to the buildings while reinforcing the strong lines of the earthworks up the facade. These carry through the landscape in a series of linear reflecting pools and flower gardens for the residents. The office is a glass-clad wooden box which stands a centerpiece in the landscape, broken by the bold lines of the horizontal terraces and pronounced vertical circulation Learn more at Woods Bagot and Global Design Leader for the Project, Edmund Klimick’s Project Page.

Image courtesy of Woods Bagot


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