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Time Manifest


A refresh of a study from 2007. Time Cubed was a conceptual project looking at snapshots of a simple object, a cube, in time. The concept came from the idea of a high speed snapshot of rolling dice, where the superimposition created a new fluid form. A simple primitive creating dynamic form through nothing but motion and the passing of time. Using this idea as a platform for formal exploration the experimental framework began with a cubical grid of boxes which rotated sequentially about x,y,z in a controlled and structured incremental testbed. From this field of rotated cubes, which represented the moments in time in a full rotation section were cut at variable but consistent positions relative the overall volume. These profiles who’s vertexes numbered between 2 and 7 were then connected across section to create a polygonal representation of the transformation in time. While abstract, what is intriguing about the results is not only the unexpected compositions of the sequential sections, but the strong visual tracery of the motion across the larger field.


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