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Pre Fab Park


|pfp|, a pre fabricated rapid deployment urban mini park proposes a rethinking of the scale of the park to a single moment. Designed with the intent to serve either as an integrated enhancer to an existing city park, or a standalone instigator for development, |pfp| attempts to create an isolated moment of escape in the urban environment. Each unit contains a bench capable of supporting 3 people supported on a perforated aluminum frame which contains an internal colored light source, improving the environment/ safety of an area. The perforated block uses the concept of a pixel screen to provide a space for information, art, or iconography to brand a particular area. Adjacent to this block an area of green space, which sits above a field cast structural counterweight, is partitioned out to allow for whatever local application is appropriate. The scale of the park is based upon the philanthropic paradigm of the donated park bench, and proposes a private subsidization that can respond rapidly to a particular neighborhoods desire. Congruently application in larger parks reveals secondary intents to functionality, a field of units could produce a light scape at night, or a color scape in the day. Park’s could brand themselves through color and pattern within the open system. The relatively modest materiality of the |pfp| system anticipates derivation of alternate formal manifestations within the same family, tied together through material composition.


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