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Woven Basket


VU derives its title from its geometric makeup. Re-adapted from earlier studies is weaving, VU, derived in grasshopper, explores the basic u v structure of a nurbs surface and exploits this grid as a template for exploring a warp and weft relationship of a series of intersecting curves through the application of an adaptable pattern rhythm. The resulting form is a true weave made of threaded pipe material which in this iteration changes density with the Fibonacci sequence of numbers to match density with a rate of curvature across a surface. The form itself is derived from the concept of a formal weave in section in which the volume of the vessels when stacked seemingly weave in and out of one another, while the individual vessel still maintains a symmetrical whole to its form. The plan definition falls at the opening falls on a circle, creating a normative end condition which could potentially interface with other systems, while in section the form saw-tooths across its quadrants allowing for rotational interlocking between vessels when stacked, The resulting space within creates pinched cylindrical chambers for storage of items, the capability for stacking allows for an efficiency of storage, while generating a unique formal expression to a standard function system.


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