The following were created in collaboration with artists, designers, and architects


Modular installation developed for Sachiko Kodama.


Spring, embodies WB NYC’s spirit, a commitment to the exploration of contemporary digital processes, and a collaborative studio culture.


Proposed as a Face-Lift to one of New York City’s high rises, F.A.T. (Fluent Adipose Tectonic) re-evaluates how a façade can be understood and manifest…

Terra Firma

Proposal for an agricultural tourism intervention in collaboration with Takuma Kakehi.

Canopy Wall

Retail Flagship Installation developed for Roy Studio


Winner of the What if NYC.Emergency Housing competition. In collaboration with Otto Ruano

Celebrate Brooklyn Friends Tent

The concept as established by CCS was to develop a topiary of light and shadow for the contributors to the Celebrate Brooklyn performance series. The…