The following were created in collaboration with artists, designers, and architects


Spring, embodies WB NYC’s spirit, a commitment to the exploration of contemporary digital processes, and a collaborative studio culture.

Terra Firma

Proposal for an agricultural tourism intervention in collaboration with Takuma Kakehi.

Celebrate Brooklyn Friends Tent

The concept as established by CCS was to develop a topiary of light and shadow for the contributors to the Celebrate Brooklyn performance series. The…

Canopy Wall

Retail Flagship Installation developed for Roy Studio


Proposed as a Face-Lift to one of New York City’s high rises, F.A.T. (Fluent Adipose Tectonic) re-evaluates how a façade can be understood and manifest…


Winner of the What if NYC.Emergency Housing competition. In collaboration with Otto Ruano


Modular installation developed for Sachiko Kodama.